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Let's gather round, join hearts and hands in prayer for the women who bring their prayer requests to the Throne of Grace.

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You know you've met someone special when her story inspires your own - the way she lives, the way she loves and the way she learns. When a Woman Meets Jesus, a book about Jesus, will introduce you to 18 special women who lived, loved and learned as they walked with Jesus. And now you have the opportunity to also walk with Jesus by taking "A Time for Reflection" at the end of each chapter in the book.

Your Personal Discovery

When a Woman Meets Jesus is like two books in one - 20 chapters devoted to the women who Jesus personally knew 2,000 years ago, as well as "A Time for Reflection," 20 end-of-chapter study guides devoted to contemporary women like yourself.

"A Time for Reflection" study guides are divided into three sections you may complete and use individually or with a Bible study or women's group.

"Exploration" asks for your personal experiences, thoughts and feelings on the need illustrated by each New Testament woman's story, such as the need to be perfect ... the need for understanding ... and the need to belong.

"Inspiration" offers a 21st century illustration of each need as expressed in the New Testament woman's story. Inspirational quotes and questions asking you to reflect on how each woman's life has inspired your own are included.

"Affirmation" gives you selected texts and quotes to inspire you throughout your day, incorporating the essence of each woman's story into your life and continually affirming your own spiritual growth.

For fun, creative ways of using the book in Bible study groups, women's groups and book clubs, please go to our How To page.

Blooming Beyond the Book

our journey with Jesus and the New Testament women whose lives He transformed does not end when you turn the final page of the book, When a Woman Meets Jesus.

Join women like yourself from all around the world in Transformation Garden, your online destination for daily exploration, inspiration and affirmation over the course of a full calendar year. There's a place to share your prayer requests at The Well of Living Water, as well as an opportunity for you to become a Circle of Prayer member who receives daily prayer requests via email.

You can find out more about a transformed life at www.TransformationGarden.com - where every woman blooms!

A book with Biblical stories of 18 New Testament women whose lives
intersected with Jesus. Study guides for groups or personal use are also included.

You are invited to visit www.TransformationGarden.com, a Christian website designed by women, for women - where we are studying the lives of all the women in the Bible.