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Step Into The
Circle Of Prayer

Let's gather round, join hearts and hands in prayer for the women who bring their prayer requests to the Throne of Grace.

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A Study Group Designed to Help Every Woman Bloom

With every flower you arrange in a vase of water, the bouquet is transformed with each blossom's unique beauty. This dynamic display of colorful variety is the creative inspiration behind Transformation Bouquet.

Transformation Bouquets are the centerpiece for group study of the book When a Woman Meets Jesus by Dorothy Valcárcel. This book is a collection of 18 inspiring true stories that examine Jesus' relationships with the New Testament women He encouraged, empowered and loved.

Through end-of-chapter study guides ideal for Bible study groups, women's groups and book clubs, your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors can each bring unique experiences and perspectives to the arrangement of your lives around Jesus just as you can form beautiful bouquets with flowers of every color, size and shape.

By studying together, every member of your Transformation Bouquet can grow closer to Jesus within the nourishing strength of His love.

Getting Started

If you're already a member of a Bible study group, women's group or book club, tell them about Transformation Bouquet and ask them to consider When a Woman Meets Jesus as one of your book selections.

Or start your own group with family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Reach out to everyone - even men, who say reading about Jesus' relationships with women has affected the way they look at their own relationships with women today.
To get everyone as excited about Transformation Bouquet and When a Woman Meets Jesus as you are:

Then make the most of your experience with the Transformation Bouquet Outline where we are studying the lives of every woman mentioned in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

Transformation Bouquet
Study Outline

Though you may wish to follow every step in this outline, there is plenty of room for you to be creative, and you're encouraged to do so. The more of yourselves you bring to the group, the more you’ll feel personally connected to the experience.

Preparing Your Group

Before Each Meeting

During the Meeting

A book with Biblical stories of 18 New Testament women whose lives
intersected with Jesus. Study guides for groups or personal use are also included.

You are invited to visit www.TransformationGarden.com, a Christian website designed by women, for women - where we are studying the lives of all the women in the Bible.