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Let's gather round, join hearts and hands in prayer for the women who bring their prayer requests to the Throne of Grace.

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Contents & Summary

When a Woman Meets Jesus is a collection of love stories that transcend all time, space, and genre. Its hero - a Man who chose to accept, encourage, and empower every woman He met. Its heroines - eighteen women who loved the one Man who could fulfill their every need, among them:

  • Mary, The Flawed Woman trying to raise the perfect child in an imperfect world
  • Anna, The Empty Woman who longed for the children she was physically unable to have
  • Joanna, The Unfulfilled Woman whose "Mr. Right" and all his money could not buy her health or happiness
  • Martha, The Stressed Woman whose attention to busywork only distracted her from life's most meaningful moments

Do these women sound familiar? You may recognize their names from the New Testament, but there is no doubt you recognize their needs — needs representative of the universal longing for love all women share.

Fortunately, the one Man who fulfilled the needs of women in biblical times is the same Man who can fulfill our needs today.

In When a Woman Meets Jesus, each biblical love story includes a reflection of today — contemporary love stories that mirror the needs of women throughout history, and discussion questions for reflecting on your own relationship with the only Man who can fulfill your every need.

Chapter 1: The Broken Women
Chapter 2: The Flawed Woman - Mary, Mother of Jesus
Chapter 3: The Empty Woman - Anna, the Prophetess
Chapter 4: The Rejected Woman - Samaritan at the well
Chapter 5: The Unfulfilled Woman - Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward
Chapter 6: The Insecure Woman - Peter’s mother-in-law
Chapter 7: The Isolated Woman - Woman ill for 12 years
Chapter 8: The Hungry Girl - Tabitha, Jairus’ daughter
Chapter 9: The Worried Women - Mothers with children
Chapter 10: The Ignored Woman - Canaanite mother
Chapter 11: The Labeled Woman - Disabled woman
Chapter 12: The Hopeless Woman - Widow from Nain
Chapter 13: The Guilty Woman - Woman caught in adultery
Chapter 14: The Stressed Woman - Martha of Bethany
Chapter 15: The Misunderstood Woman - Mary, sister of Lazarus
Chapter 16: The Ambitious Woman - Salome, mother of James & John
Chapter 17: The Worthless Woman - Widow at the Temple
Chapter 18: The Compromised Woman - Procula, wife of the Roman Governor, Pilate
Chapter 19: The Lonely Woman - Mary Magdalene
Chapter 20: The Transformed Women

A book with Biblical stories of 18 New Testament women whose lives
intersected with Jesus. Study guides for groups or personal use are also included.

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